Sunday, January 24, 2016

Like Ambedkar, Rohith had no nation

Anshul Trivedi

The suicide of Rohith Vemula is being met with two kinds of responses – while the Dalit and Progressive sections are calling it an ‘institutionalized murder’, where a Dalit boy was driven to suicide by the administration; the other response paints it as an individual act where caste had no role to play nor could anyone be blamed for it. One must not politicize a tragedy goes the refrain. The Union Minister for Human Resource Development seems to be of the latter view, as she repeated again and again that we should not make this an issue of caste discrimination, not now that we are in 2016.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

‘I share a bond with every writer who is wholeheartedly engaged in the cultural struggle’- Pradnya Daya Pawar

‘Pradnya Daya Pawar’is a renowned figure in Indian literature. There are very few writers who break  the barriers laid down by the establishment to put forth visions and glimpses of a new world. Pradnya Pawar belongs to this category. She is a courageous writer who bravely puts forth the woman’s side in a conservative patriarchal society which denies to acknowledge and treat a woman as a human being. Man-woman relations, woman’s suffocation and sorrows arising out of patriarchy, her fight with self at physical and mental levels-these are various themes which find strong articulation through her stories as well as poetry.