Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bhagat Singh’s Legacy

Balu S

Today is Bhagat Singh’s 86th martyrdom day. On 23 March 1931 he along with Sukhdev and Rajguru, was hanged for the assassination of a British officer P Saunders in Lahore in 1928. Bhagat Singh was a young revolutionary influenced by the 1917 Russian Revolution and the ideas of socialism. However, his legacy has been claimed by different ideological groups including the hardcore rightwing RSS and its student body ABVP. This is a dangerous trend. Bhagat Singh and his friends stood opposed to all forms of divisive and regressive ideologies including Hindutva. RSS and ABVP’s attempt to appropriate their legacy is a desperate move to gain legitimacy for their divisive and regressive politics. Present article is an attempt to reiterate Bhagat Singh’s Marxist legacy (Vikalp’s editorial team).       

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What it takes to Double Farmer’s Incomes in India?

Shantanu De Roy

The Union Budget presented on February 1 by Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley has announced certain measures for agriculture sector in India. The question is, whether these are enough to realise the dream of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to double farmer’s incomes by 2022?  apparently, doubling of farmer’s income which implies making agriculture a profit earning economic activity is always welcome. This is because agriculture is the main source of employment in India and the nation has been experiencing agrarian distress over the last quarter century. Thus, livelihood security of substantial number of people, associated with agriculture, has been jeopardised with prolonged agrarian distress from which no region has been spared.